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Moscow, April 2018
  • «We engaged in dialogue with the society, different sectors of it, with local residents, ecologists, motorists. And it’s exactly how we had found the solutions that eventually allowed us to reach a compromise between the state and society, addressed the risks of the project not being implemented and, properly speaking, let a private investor complete the project together with us».

    Sergey Kelbakh
    Chairman of the Board, Russian Highways State Company
  • «We established the following principle: all consessions in housing and utilities should be open. And we think that any public-private partnership project should be as open as possible, to answer people's questions: «Why is it better than others?» «What does guarantee its benefits? Are there any benefits at all?».

    Andrey Chibis
    Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian
  • «This event is being held for the third year already and, of course, there is a growing interest to it, especially from the regions, from contracting authorities. Our Congress gathers over 1,500 participants from 76 regions. It has established itself as a practical platform where measures and proposals for PPP market development are produced».

    Pavel Seleznev
    Chairman of the Board, PPP Development Center
  • «Now, for the first time in decades, we have a right to create private property in public sphere in our country. I think it is an important step in the development not only of our important legislation area relating to concessions and public-private partnership but of the whole country’s economy».

    Stanislav Voskresenskiy
    Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
  • «We are greatly interested in business being actively involved into social services and educational spheres. And precise figures show us this leveraging, it does exist, and the interest from private business does exist too».

    Olga Golodets
    Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
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